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Going nuts about Kadalekai Parishe ...

Heritage Beku was keen to showcase our beloved cultural heritage dating back to nearly 500 years, and used a three pronged approach - talks, postcard and a young children covering the festival from their fresh vision.

Talks with our historians like Suresh Moona, an interactive postcard from the Augmented Reality Company FlipAR, and our young heritage warriors from partners Parikrma sharing their interviews, videos and snippets from the festival, even a couple of deeply sensitive poems.

The Talk :

The famed Kadlekai Parishe or Groundnut Fair on 29 Nov is an annual and much beloved event in Bangalore - our unique cultural heritage. But many of us know so little , so we got Historian Suresh Moona to share his heritage expertise on its fascinating origins, its evolution , its community social and economic impact. So much to learn ! So tune in while we got the nuts and bolts on this one!


The Interactive Postcard

FlipAR has developed this delicately painted postcard for Heritage Beku that brings the Kadalekai Parishe story alive. Hitech and tradition in one postcard ! Swipe right ...


The Teen Parikrma Journalists

A team of young students went to the fair to get a sense of the colour and atmosphere , met the visitors, vendors and others. See their pictures and their impressions.

Read their lovely poems , so sensitively etched, below..

Stand by for their video...

Poem 1

Topknot on head

Reed mat for a bed

The Hlakki Pikki tribal displays his wares

Colourful beads and mystic seeds

To his cries, no one heeds.

His wife sits, resigned look on face

Wondering why they sre part of this city's rat race.

The hungry child rests in her bosom

Breathing dust, fume.

Our tribal brethren need our care

So do buy their ware.

Poem 2

Groundnut ground reality strikes

When you see the look in the little boy's eyes.

Surrounded by hundreds of toys

That he will never play with, unlike other boys

Forced to grow from boy to man

What it means to be him, imagine, if you ever can.

He longs to be treated like the child he sells his toys to

But whither fate, he is forced to play the role of provider to his siblings few.


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