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UnboxingBlrHabba with Blushing Bangalore Tree Walk

#UnboxingBlrHabba with The City Beautiful Series by #HeritageBeku flagged off the events today.. #HeritageBeku's focus on natural heritage and personal experiences to enhance individual ownership and focus was the driver in this concept and series . Please follow their Lalbagh Walk, the Postal heritage trail, the Doggone Park Walk and the Kadalekai Parishe over the next ten days .

Off to a rocking start today with Blushing Bangalore Tree Walk Saturday 2 Dec at 730 am. We wound up way after 10 am. The shy pink tabebuia decided to come out of it’s determined hiding since I specifically requested them. Ok, I admit it - I begged!

We met the Mysore Fig, a silk floss tree, and a Banyan that just gazed down at us ants so wisely, so majestically. We nibbled banyan tree root tips- nutty & delicious. We picked up the creamy gorgeous, perfumed Indian cork flowers. And yes, we inhaled,

The crisp winter air and tranquil blue skies make walking and learning even more of a pleasure. We tramped from the library through Ringwood circle to the Bandstand and meandered through to the lotus pond, chatting and marveling all the way . We stopped at many of the mighty ones and heard their stories. Did you know there is a leopard spots tree and another with (real) spikes - gorgeous and scary too! That trees support each underground through their roots - called (i think) mycelium. And that there is a reason why the Banyan Tree is also called the Strangler tree- yes we saw evidence ! We met some of the celebrity Cubbon dogs - the Parkies too.

Kavya regaled us with nuggets, stories and botanical history as we tramped over the dewy diamond grass, drinking in the giant trees with a new perspective and understanding.

What an incredible sense of connection to what we see and take for granted every day.

Well, our natural heritage has to be seen and experienced and it’s with this context, that some of it opens up some willing chinks ,and their light truly enters our soul.

Today was such a day.

Blushing Bangalore - The City Beautiful UBH2023

Unboxingblr @unboxingblrhabba

Kavya Chandra A Green Venture


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