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Past Forward

in 2018, Heritage Beku evolved as a citizen initiative to maintain and preserve Bengaluru's fading heritage. 'Beku' is the Kannada word for 'want' or 'need'- so the simple phrase was really - 'We Need Heritage'. It was an agonised cry from the heart as our collective history crumbled.  Our focus is to have an agile, dynamic, evolving framework to reflect citizen voices & channel it to positively impact preservation of the city's heritage - be it built, natural or cultural. We need a city we can pass on to our descendants and a shared history. #HeritageBeku 

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A Bit of Background

Heritage Beku is a group of eminent citizens from all walks of life working towards one goal - protecting the history that makes Bangalore unique. We are conservation experts, policy researchers, lawyers, environment activists, corporate players, artists, journalists and architects in our day jobs. But first and foremost, we are full time Bangalore lovers. 
Every city is unique because of its cultural, environmental and architectural history. But the last few years have been terribly unkind to Bangalore’s past. In our haste to ‘develop a world class city’, we have been very callous with our heritage. Heritage Beku’s focus is to engage with citizens, policy makers, the Government and other stake holders to preserve what is left of our legacy. #HeritageBeku believes that a city’s future cannot be built on the grave of its past and that citizens and experts must be involved in the process of building a city. #HeritageBeku = #PastForward
We strive to build productive relationships and make a positive impact with all of our pursuits.

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Building up a proper framework for preserving and maintaining Bengaluru's dwindling heritage is key to its future. Whether it is legislation, heritage bye laws or updates to the Karnataka Town and Country Planning Act (KTCPA). #HeritageBeku is doing its best.


Whether its with government, educational institutions, other organisations & corporates, its important to to ensure one interacts to preserve and USE our Bengaluru heritage. Innovation in PPP models, govt funding and buy in becomes increasingly critical


#HeritageBeku would like to push heritage initiatives, across stakeholders,  set up awards & recognitions, interesting plans like
#KnowYourCity & Heritage Detectives, focus on technology & apps to enhance experience

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"Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does"

William James

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#HeritageBeku gets social.

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From 2018 to date

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Heritage Inputs


Massive meetings and a City wide detailed response to the RMP31 covering procedure, law, aesthetics, zone wise approach and formation of committee and city heritage group. Two man months went into creating a 50 page document on heritage, zones, committee and preservation (with global and India best practices) . The HB inputs were filed on Jan 23rd 2018,  but the Master Plan itself went on hold ,These could have changed city heritage landscape and direction. HB petitioned for this as well. 

Saving Queens Vet Hospital


Successful effort to save 3 heritage buildings and over 119 trees in the 120 year Queens Veterinary Hospital Campus , on Queens Road.
One of the few times where environmentalists, heritage enthusiasts and animal lovers came together to save a piece of Bangalore's history.



The bill to amend the Karnataka Tree Protection Act was taken head on by Team #HeritageBeku , considering its impact on Bengaluru's trees. An online petition, a #GreysForGreen campaign and #StormThe Soudha over a fortnight saw a huge citizen out pouring. The #KillBill campaign with the  online petition  with over 50K signatures, resulted in the amendment being dropped- the impact is seen in 85% of  the potentially lost trees still being safe in Bangalore

If Janatha Bazaar stands tall. we stand tall


Janatha Bazar/Asiatic Building  proposed demolition for a multi-storeyed mall – Heritage Beku organised citizen activities, lectures, meet ups, painting and awareness building  events including accessing huge RTI documentation and  writing to CS, MLA in charge and others to retain the heritage building. This along with a PIL by Intach resulted in a stay.

#IChangeMyCity Heritage Partner


First time Heritage participation in #IChangeMyCity- BBMP Civic Fest at Freedom Park on 14 Feb selecting Heritage Beku as  partner. #HeritageBeku Member Mason Ink organised a tremendously interactive Bengaluru Heritage walk through which impacted many especially the school children. Over 7000 footfalls emphasised the need to be aware and care for city heritage. Being selected as a visible civic cause brought heritage as an important city focus

First Public Consultation on Trees


After our online petition, extensive meetings with Deputy Conservator of Forests on rampant tree cutting and formation of Tree Committee. Thanks to Heritage Beku’s efforts and Forestry  Department coordination, the first public consultation (on massive tree cutting planned by Metro across dairy Circle & All Saints was organised ) , setting a city wide precedent and most trees  could be saved.

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  • Indian Locomotive Lore
    Date and Time is TBD
    Indian Locomotive Lore on Zoom
    Date and Time is TBD
    Indian Locomotive Lore on Zoom
    TR Raghunandan, Railway Heritage Expert & Enthusiast, take us through charming old locomotives with priceless drawings with the designers that were hired by the RDSO to design them! Mostly British and American Companies photographed & documented 130 locomotive drawings - watch their story come alive
  • Keeping Good Company - with #HeritageBeku
    Time is TBD
    Location is TBD
    Company Round Table - By Invite Only. A corporate's guide on putting down roots and supporting Bengaluru Heritage
  • Heritage Detectives 101
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    Location is TBD
  • Rumpumpum about new RMP 31? V Ravichandar explains.
    Sat, 21 Nov
    21-Nov-2020, 3:30 pm – 4:00 pm IST
    So the Revised Master Plan 2031 (RMP31) that was put up by BDA is completely gone? How? Who's in charge? Whats Next ? What are we missing? What does it mean for us? What do we now need to do? How does it affect the city ? Heritage?
  •  The Art Park with #HeritageBeku - 12 Jan
    Sun, 12 Jan
    Ravindra Kala Kshethra Grounds
    12-Jan-2020, 11:00 am – 5:00 pm
    Ravindra Kala Kshethra Grounds, Besides Town Hall, J.C.Rd, Kumbaragundi, Sampangi Rama Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560002, India
    The Fabulous Monthly Art Park at Ravindra Kalkshetra Gardens is back on 12th Jan 2020 - with a #Heritage theme. Art, shared history and heritage, what could be more perfectly meshed! Come by to meet the artists while they explore their memories of the city, it’s environs, culture and its contours..