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Heritage Beku Hall of Fame 

To mark  Heritage Day on 18 April 2023, Heritage Beku is excited to announce the first-ever Heritage Beku Hall of Fame Awards, recognising individuals and institutions prioritising heritage preservation and promotion. These heroes display unwavering commitment, passion, and dedication to preserving and celebrating the city's heritage. We will celebrate the contributions of Heritage Heroes across six categories: educational institutions, public institutions, adaptive reuse, literature and cultural tradition and heritage hotels. This is only a start - There are many more categories and heroes to recognise . 


Heritage School 


1. Heritage School of the Year (Paramparā Shāle Prashasti)

  • Winner: Parikrma Humanity Foundation 

  • Award: Parampara Gyan Jyoti Prashasti - Cultural Wisdom Beacon 

Parikrma Humanity Foundation, a game-changing educational initiative, receives this award for its students' inspiring commitment to preserving the city's heritage. These diverse children are united by a desire to learn, contribute, and preserve the city. The children have demonstrated passion and dedication -- from Cubbon Park initiatives to flowering festivals like Hoova Hubba and documentaries on Kadlekai Parishe. Their commitment is evident in their fun yet serious approach, such as a rap song about fading greenery in Cubbon Park, and impromptu theater. The award includes a plaque and the opportunity for a Heritage Student of the Year selection next year



Heritage Public Institution

2. Heritage Public Institute of the Year (Paramparā Sārvajanika Sansthe Prashasti)

  • Winner: India Post         

  • Award: Parampara Smriti Deep Prashasti - Heritage Beacon

India Post has shown exceptional commitment, responsiveness and a proactive approach to preserving and promoting its in-house heritage. During Heritage Week, they showcased heritage buildings in the CBD, including their iconic head office, Beaulieu, and the hitherto unknown , nearly a century old Mail Motor Service building on Millers Road. With support from Heritage Beku, India Post launched an impactful 5 km Postal Trail in February 2023, featuring banners and the integration of an evening post office at the Heritage Museum Road office. The trail highlighted India Post's pride in its heritage spaces and its desire to make them accessible. Additional initiatives included contemporary paintings by the transgender-run Oorvani Foundation, an upgraded heritage museum (even a cafe!) , and the launch of specific heritage postcards. India Post's dedication to heritage sets an inspiring example for other government organisations.


Adaptive Reuse

3. Best Adaptive Reuse  (Paramparā Parivartaka Prashasti)

•          Winner: Tarun Tahiliani

•          Award: Parampara Palaka - Custodian of Heritage

The most exciting repurposing project in the heritage precinct this year  is the Tarun Tahiliani Store, which transformed the former Bohemian House at the entrance of Woodlands Hotel,  Rajaram Mohan Roy Road. The building, that was vacant post Covid, was brought back to life by the luxury designer, who saw its potential for his heritage fashion line. Tahiliani researched the space with his team and highlighted its heritage elements, such as high ceilings and unique features. The store now houses a bridal salon, blending contemporary design within a luxury heritage setting. The project was showcased during the vintage car rally on Women's Day, called "In the Driver's Seat." Women drivers were given a tour of the space, inspiring the idea of converting and living in inherited spaces. Fashion designer Tarun Tahiliani receives this award for his ongoing use of heritage spaces for his stores, the exceptional restoration and reuse of a property, showcasing the value of living heritage spaces.

Heritage Literature

4. Heritage Literature: (Paramparā Sāhitya Prashasti) 

  • Award: Parampara Samskruti Kathegara Prashasti -Cultural Narrator (ongoing title) Multiple Author Mentions 

Several books on Bangalore's heritage were launched in 2022-23, showcasing the city's rich history, natural heritage  and culture. Notable books on Bangalore's heritage launched this year range from academic to soulful and even witty:

  • Lalbagh: Sultans' Garden to Public Park by Vijay Thiruvady

Explores the evolution of Lalbagh through the centuries. Chronicles the park's history and key figures in its development

  • Lalbagh by Suresh Jayaram

Weaves together the iconic botanical garden's history, people, and flora. Celebrates the Bangalore legend

  • The Ladies Detective Club by Harini Nagendra

Combines a detective genre with insights into 20th-century Bangalore. Offers a riveting read with a rich heritage framework and historical background

  • Cubbon Park by Roopa Pai

Provides an in-depth, accessible exploration of Bangalore's heart.Connects the city's roots to its contemporary setting.

  • Bangalore Blues by Kirtana Kumar

Transports readers back to old Bangalore with witty nostalgia. Evokes jasmine, intriguing people, jukeboxes, and cantonment talk.


This an ongoing award to inspire more authors to write about the city's heritage.


Heritage Karta

5. Heritage Karta of the Year (Paramparā Sanskruti Kartā Prashasti)

•          Winner: Karaga Poojari Shri A. Gnanendra

•          Award: Heritage Karta of the Year or Parampara Sanskriti Rakshak Prashasti -Cultural Guardian 

Livimg Tradition Heritage Award : Few people have dedicated their lives to preserving the cultural heritage of Bangalore as rigorously as those behind the Karaga Jatre. This tradition, spanning over 800 years, unites the city to observe and participate in a ritual that venerates the goddess of life force, water, and harmony. The  Elders of the Thigala community, deserve recognition for their unwavering dedication and focus on preserving the essence, value, and divinity of the Karaga Festival. As the present poojari, trained over generations , Shri A Gnanendra and other elders of the Thilaga community, ensure the continuation of this unique Bangalore cultural heritage. He will receive the Heritage Karta of the Year award on their behalf..

Taj West End. Image taken from Taj Website

Heritage Hotel

6. Heritage Hotel (Paramparā Hōṭel Prashasti)

•          Winner: Taj West End

•          Award: Parampara Atithya Gaurava

The Taj West End, a beloved Bangalore landmark, has hosted guests since 1887, first as Bronson's West End and later as Spencer's in 1912. As India's oldest running heritage hotel, it boasts distinctive architecture featuring tiled roofs, gables, dormers, monkey-tops, trelliswork, and intricately carved fascia. The hotel preserves its magnificent building and its natural heritage, with over 125 varieties of trees, including a sprawling raintree dating back to 1848. We honour the Taj West End for its historical significance, architectural beauty, and diligent preservation of its environs, all of which contribute to Bangalore's rich architectural tradition. 

The Heritage Beku Hall of Fame recognizes and celebrates individuals and organizations that have made significant contributions to the preservation of Bangalore's heritage and culture. This Hall of Fame celebrates those who have worked hard to protect and promote our city's rich history, from the sustainable development of heritage sites to the conservation of traditional architecture.

Our Hall of Fame is focused on heritage preservation, enjoyment and awareness in Bangalore, and we are proud to recognize the achievements of those who have contributed to this important cause.

We hope this Hall of Fame will inspire others to join the effort and preserve our city's heritage for generations to come.

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