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BBMP Outdoor Signage Policy

Dear Sir: Thank you for a forward thinking & positive framework . Please find enclosed our inputs on the policy . Please acknowledge receipt Thanks .. Best Regards, 

#HeritageBeku  —— Suggestions on BBMP Outdoor Signage & Advt Draft Policy Broad Points

Well written draft policy overall, and good in intent. Ward Committee and Corporator for the said ward should have some jurisdiction over signage , especially in the case of bus shelters or the useless Foot Over Bridges Transparency in Approval Number , Advertiser name, Time period and amount paid on signage A Bangalore Design Trust (a la New York Design Trust) to be set up so broad contours and similar framework is adhered to in ALL outdoor signage in the city . City Heritage & Aesthetics MUST be maintained and Usability /Urban Planning experts folded into design and maintenance of the same . If placed near heritage structures or city monuments etc, the signs should have some spatial contiguity, aesthetics & fit, as decided by the above Bengaluru City Design Trust Where is the Zone D A, B, C , coverage as mentioned in the first press release Areas that are close to govt structures like Vidhana Soudha , Raj Bhavan, High Court and prominent monuments should have NO sponsored advertisement for at least 500 meters radius Aesthetics have not been mentioned specifically as one of the objectives in the policy Similarly safety (and also redressal and insurance) , is not mentioned as an objective in the policy Do Not infringe on pedestrian walkways with poles for signboards Collaborate with other agencies like Police, BWSSB, BESCOM etc so multiple infrastructure is not set up .for eg one pole can be used both for streetlight as well as a direction sign board, or a litter box. This saves valuable pedestrian walk way, encourages better multipurpose design and saves costs Specific focus on advertisers evaluating, and looking out for factors that can cause danger or safety hazards for eg sharp edges, wires and electrical points or hazards. Punishment for breaking rules - there seems to be no fine/jail time for specific coverage for escalation , or redressal of departure from policy Specific Points in Point 2.2.6, add the point of 'aesthetics' to the coverage Point 2.2.5 is not clear In Point 3.11.3 Also Skywalks or Foot Over Bridges should be disallowed unless requested and accepted by local ward committee. Example Esteem Mall was a required one, but the Planetarium skywalk is unused & was bitterly opposed by citizens Point 7.1 'Prohibited sign' listing and coverage should cover those in prominent government , sensitive and heritage areas as well. In Point- 7.2 - what are "Traffic Hazards ' ? Please define In Point 9.5 on Festival Decorations . Why is temporary permitted ? who gives permission? How long is it ? Who manages safety and approvals? Are there any fines if they break rules? Why cant we take an NOC from the Corporator, Engineer & RWAs first and foremost ? In Point 10.2 Joint Commissioner or AC gives permission for signage. They should involve the local Ward Committee as well , so citizens voices maintained In Point 10.5.2 The Review Committee has a strong government bias and not enough citizen participation . Ward Committee or prominent citizen must be in on this committee. . A conservationist or heritage expert must also be involved In Point 10.6 Design Review Committee , the above point of wider inclusive participation must be are included.In addition , the punishment for breaking rules in both committees is not defined.

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