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Bugle Rock Lighting - Kadlekai Parishe


The BBMP Commissioner

NR Square

Bangalore 560002

Sub: Lighting of lamps in the hollows in the Bugle Rock, Basavangudi to coincide with Kadlekai Parishe on December 11, 2023

Dear Sirs

We are writing to you to initiate lighting of lamps in the hollows in Bugle Rock, Basavangudi to coincide with Kadlekai Parishe on December 11, 2023.

We are requesting this to recreate the historic lighting of lamps as a heritage event to demonstrate how the Bugle Rock was illuminated and lighted in historic times. Since Kadlekai Parishe is a cultural heritage event in Bangalore, it would be ideal to recreate a historic event in the vicinity to add heritage value. In order to ensure environmentally friendly options, we are suggesting solar powered lamps or energy saving lamps instead of the traditional oil lit lamps.

Here is a brief background on the hollows in Bugle Rock. Bugle Rock (“Kahale Bande” in Kannada) is a massive rock in the Basavangudi area of South Bangalore in the vicinity of the Bull Temple where the Kadlekai Parishe event is held every year. A Watch Tower was built on the Bugle Rock by Kempe Gowda II in around 1585. Most of the rocks in the Bugle Rock have hollows which were once used to light lamps for illumination, during the month of Kartik in the Hindu Calendar (“Kartik Masa” in Kannada). Kadlekai Parishe is also held on the last Monday of the month of Kartik.

We request you to illuminate these Bugle Rock hollows to recreate these historic events as a heritage event.

Thank you


Heritage Beku


-Talk on Kadlekai Parishe by Historian Suresh Moona for Heritage Beku on November 22, 2021


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