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Closer Partnership with Railway Heritage in Bangalore

Thursday, September 3, 2020

Ms. Vinita Srivastava

Executive Director - Heritage

Ministry of Railways

New Delhi

Dear Vinita,

Subject: Closer partnership & dialogue with Railways Heritage on projects in Karnataka/Bengaluru

I know you must be well aware of this wonderful little re-creation of Malgudi days at the Arasalu Railway Station, but we at #HeritageBeku Citizen Initiative were delighted for multiple reasons - not just the connection to the quaint and innocent days of Malgudi which you have brought to life, but also on behalf of the many Railway aficionados in our group. As a fellow Chevening scholar I am especially proud of your initiative.

Kudos to the Heritage division of Indian Railways which has been spearheading many such initiatives in India, preserving a large part of a beloved travel heritage, recalling our many railway journeys to crisscross India in the most memorable way. We would be so happy to help communicate these more.

We were thinking aloud, and Heritage Beku would be delighted if we could share with you a list of small stations that could be looked at and showcased to memorize and preserve these wonderful moments of our past and the nostalgia that The Indian Railways has given us. There are many ideas – including some vintage stations in Nandi Hills and a couple of halts that remain vintage. We would be happy if you could have a word with the divisional head of Karnataka, introducing us and perhaps requesting some areas of connection, exchange and collaboration to jointly preserve our Railway heritage in Bangalore and the state of Karnataka.

Some of the railway experts in Heritage Beku or I would be happy to chat with you at your convenience to see what if any ideas we can take forward.

Look forward to hearing from you,

Yours sincerely,

Priya Chetty-Rajagopal

Founder- Heritage Beku




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