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CM Launches Bengaluru Mission 2022 - #HeritageBeku comments

Heritage Beku on Twitter:

launched today by @CMofKarnataka with big impact on #heritage, #environment, #green & #lakes. #CitizenInitiative @heritagebeku is more than happy to support these especially on innovative plans like reimagining #NGEF from a heritage & green angle. #HeritageBeku is impressed with the GoK focus on heritage, culture and greening!

Media views:

Deccan Herald: The government will repurpose lands of public sector undertakings to develop new urban lung spaces, apart from launching two mega tree parks in the city, with each one spanning across a 400-acre area. The existing mini forests in J P Nagar, Turahalli, Kadugodi and Mathikere will also be developed into popular destinations,

The government will also establish a Bengaluru Culture, Heritage and Crafts Museum at NGEF. “This is an effort to get the huge migrant population residing in the city acquainted with the state's culture FirstPost: According to Deccan Herald, Yediyurappa said the initiative will focus on four large areas: ease of transport, cleaner city, greener city and connecting citizens to the city's culture through museums and cultural centres.

As per Indian Expressa blueprint for the overall development of the city has been made using recommendations from experts to beautify and develop the city, including adding more lung spaces, new stormwater drains, construction of twin towers for government offices, and other announcements related to road and traffic projects.

The experts' recommendations also include  developing the 20-acre Mysuru Lamps property in West Bengaluru into a tree park, similar to Lalbagh or Cubbon Park, as per New Indian Express.

"Budget has been allocated for all the works planned. We will conduct inspections once in six months and make sure that all the works planned are completed within the given timeframe," Yediyurappa further said, as per Deccan Herald.

TimesNow: Bengaluru being the city of parks, 4 big major parks have been announced to increase the city's lung space.

Bengaluru is a city of lakes and the city's mega plan includes beautification of waterways, restoration of lakes, enhancing water quality and improving biodiversity around lakes, stake-holder mobilisation and volunteer participation.

The Garden City plans to have greener neighbourhoods through.


  1. The launch of 2 new urban lung spaces by repurposing a few state PSU lands

  2. Launch of 2 mega-tree parks in city suburbs each measuring 400+ acres

  3. Popularising existing Mini-forests among citizens (Turahalli, JP Nagar, Kadugodi, Mathikere)

  4. Intensified monitoring of ambient air quality



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