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Comments/ Thoughts on Cantonment Railway Station Redevelopment

Some thoughts regarding the design for the Cantonment Railway Station Redevelopment.....

- The historical significance of the station and the heritage building are not important components of the redevelopment. The historic significance has not been given the importance it deserves.

- There are many excellent examples of redevelopment projects that have retained some important aspects of the historical structure (like an entrance, façade, portion of a building, roof etc.) along with the redevelopment. Here, no aspect of the heritage structure is retained or incorporated in the redevelopment design

- The context of the station (local context, materials, native landscaping, sustainability etc.) has not been given any consideration

- There is no information on whether public participation was considered for the redevelopment project

- The need to provide modern amenities and facilities is understandable, but it is not clear whether all the proposed amenities and facilities are need based

- It is not clear whether efforts have been made to preserve the existing trees


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