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Ideas on a heritage framework

Creating a sustainable heritage workbook for Hb #HeritageBeku

Note on the team:

1. Prof Vasavada should Mentor it although we can do the hard work.

2. The team should be handpicked with the goal of conceptually helping the owner/ client to have a valid reuse strategy in place for tbe work.

3. There should be a masterplan of the old properties or architecturally important works in the multiple histories of the city.

4. These histories can be made alive by creating cultural habits of Heritage Beku walks.

5. Wherever possible by way of sponsorship we should have unusual formats for Museum display of some of these for Walkers to discover on walking trails .

6. This team should also be help those working on projects to have a support backbone especially if certain projects need Govt clout.

7. The team should be able to liaise with the Govt Influencer team in Heritage Beku to make proposals to conserve or reuse ( even if a non-building) if there is a suggestion.

8. Private bodies or parties should be approach the team if there is anything on their site that they would like to conserve IF relevant from the city history point of view.

It is vital not to overlap the scope of other heritage bodies in the city but rather have a unique role (so the above list I have put down may need to be evaluated from this perspective. )

Thinking aloud by

Nisha Mathew Ghosh


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