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International Museums Day 2024

Museums are such an important part of our cuty heritage. We at Heritage Beku are seized of this. we all must do more !

The theme for the International Museum Day 2024 is “Museums for Education and Research”

What better time than to look at our own beautiful museums in the city..- in this case The Government Museum, Kasturba Road - and see how we can help. The Department of Tourism under the leadership of MKs Salma Fahim has been working on this - we need to look at routes and avenues to create a partnership to enhance this beautiful and iconic museum with its precious artefacts..

These videos are for the interiors as well as for the landscaping,,

2024.05.14 BGM CSR Site Development V1
Download PDF • 13.96MB

2024.05.14 BGM CSR Interiors V1
Download PDF • 13.33MB


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