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MN Krishna Rao Park -Inputs

Pics courtesy Bangalore Mirror/Turquoise Cloud
The Koenigsberg designed building 1941. Now a library

26 Dec 2022

Mr. Chandrasekhar

DD- BBMP Horticulture

BBMP Head Office

Bangalore 560002

Dear Mr. Chandrashekar,

Sub: Construction at MN Krishna Rao Park

This is regarding the recent construction activity in MN Krishna Rai Park. My colleague Priya Chetty-Rajagopal had also been in touch with you and the Commissioner on this. We feel we should work closely together on natural heritage focus at BBMP Parks.

We are concerned by a few issues, and it would have been nice to have some public consultation also. We want to bring to your attention some issues with the park listed below. Most are easily actionable.

1. Entrances to the Park - There are three entrance gates to the park. At present, only the main entrance on Dewan Madhav Rao Road is open. Please keep all the entrances open during park hours. All the entrances are used by the people who come to the park.

2. Railings: re the addition of railings in a park, we are at a loss to understand the need for the railings on either side of the walking path.

3. Senior Citizen Friendly - There have been many incidents when senior citizens have tripped and fallen and had fractures on the loose pavers that were uprooted due to the roots. They were incorrectly laid close to the roots. Now, new pavers are being laid. We request you to ensure that they don’t loosen, and we request you to replace any loose pavers as part of the regular maintenance.

4. Senior citizen access - Many senior citizens have stopped coming to the park. The park hours and the rush hour on the surrounding streets coincide and senior citizens find it difficult to cross the streets during rush hour to enter the park. They get scared to cross with moving traffic. There are raised pedestrian crosswalks, but motorists don’t slow down for pedestrians. There have been a few accidents when people have tried to cross the road to go to the park. The residents on the surrounding streets and nearby areas have requested a traffic signal near the main entrance to the park on Dewan Madhav Rao Road. However, this request has not been considered. We request you to consider a traffic signal.

5. Park timings- We request you to extend the afternoon park hours by one hour so that the park can be used for additional time during daylight hours. We request you to change the park timings from 4 pm to 8 pm to 3 pm to 8 pm.

6. Cutting of trees - Lately, a lot of trees in the park are being cut. We request you to stop unnecessary cutting of trees. This is a beautiful park with natural amenities like trees, shrubs and plants. This natural beauty should be preserved.

7. Benches and dustbins - We request you to please replace the benches and dustbins that were removed.

8. Rose garden near Sri. M. N. Krishna Rao Statue - There are hardly any roses now. We request you to plant some rose bushes.

9. Children’s park - We congratulate you on the new additions and equipment for the children’s park. It is being used very well. We request you to also add play equipment for differently abled kids.

10. Library - We congratulate you on converting the beautiful building designed by the famous architect Otto Koenigsberger into a public library. It is benefiting a lot of people, but it must be maintained.

Thank you for your time and considering our requests. Look forward to your response and action.

Yours Sincerely,

Laxmi Nagaraj

Urban Planner & Architect

CC: Mr. Tushar Girinath, BBMP Commissioner

CC: Mr. Rakesh Singh, UCS, UDD


Recent Development

Due to the prompt attention to his matter by Priya Chetty-Rajagopal and her letters and telephone calls to the Horticulture Department and various agencies, Mr. Chandrasekhar, DD- BBMP Horticulture, promptly telephoned Heritage Beku regarding the above issue. He discussed our letter and concerns in detail with us. We thank him for his prompt attention to this matter. Here is what was discussed:

- The opening of all the entrances and extending the park hours in the afternoon will be reviewed

- A signal at the entrance on Dewan Madhav Rao Road for safe pedestrian crossing will be reviewed with the appropriate agencies

- Growing of appropriate plants in the Rose Garden area will be reviewed

- The railings were installed to make the park more inclusive to senior citizens.

Comment: The railings seem a little high. It would have been nice if the railing height was a little lower to meet the standard height for railings.


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