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Mystery Park Engine creates ripples

Well, the 20 Feb event on the Mystery of the Park Engine beamed live on Facebook garnered a lot of interest but the actual locomotive and the plans around it drew as much ripples and discussion. Working with DULT and Department of Horticulture for this event, Heritage Beku was gratified that an initiative under Heritage Detectives has been so much appreciated , and can create value and preservation for this wonderful icon of industrial heritage. Drawing attention to this rundown piece of history and garnering both curiosity and action is gratifying. Conversations that have sparked off with the departments of railways and horticulture are exciting interest and hope..

We urge you all to watch this space !

Raghunandan TR , our own Sherlock Holmes may have forgotten his signature deerstalker hat for the talk but made do with a golfcap while he held us enthralled with the stories of this rusting iron beauty.. Listen to the (unedited) FB Live video below

Sanath of Indian Express has many chats with Raghu as he follows the ins and outs of this story .


Sridhar Vivan of Bangalore Mirror does a deep dive ..


Peter Petlee at Times of India underlines the need for restoration , and applauds the interest of both Railways and Horticulture


Bangalore Mirror reminded its readers to attend this unusual event


Citizen Matters first breaks the story, as Meera Kri intrigued by the conversation on our whatsapp group


Sanjana of News minute follows the fascinating saga .



So could there be a light air the end of the rail tunnel ? Watch this space...


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