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Research Paper on How to Make Cities "Smart"

Here is a research paper on "How to make Traditional Cities Smart. The paper was published in the E3S Web Conf, Volume 170, 2020, 6th International Conference on Energy and City of the Future (EVF’2019)

E3S Web of Conferences, Article No.06013, City and Building of the Future Section, published online on 28 May 2020 URL Link:


This paper aims to discuss the challenges of transforming ‘Traditional’ cities to ‘Smart Cities’ and the tools that can be used to transform ‘Traditional’ cities to ‘Smart’ cities in the Indian Context. In this context, this paper discusses the expectations and goals of the Smart City India Mission for the 100 Smart cities, the existing scenario of the ‘Traditional’ cities, the current status of the Smart cities in India and concludes that ‘Traditional’ cities can become ‘Smart’ by developing a base line scenario and developing a ‘Road Map’ to become ‘Smart’. The ‘Road Map’ must consist of the following four stages: Assessment, Vision, Project Plan and Metrics.

Link to the full research paper:

Laxmi Nagaraj, Urban Planner & Architect/Consultant


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