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Restoration Stories

Only when we have a chance to experience heritage, know it , love it , will we want to preserve it. Let us look at the examples of living , breathing and repurposed heritage that we all know and love . I love the idea ofd adaptive reuse or repurposing a heritage site - with respect to outs origins, allowing people to. inhale , enjoy ad soak in heritage in a contemporary, joyful and even perhaps useful manner.

For me the chance to be able to live and work where many many thousands have before and over a century or more, gives me a sense of connectedness ands being whole. How many more can we add to this list ?

So lets see what Bangalore restoration is about ?

  1. New Opera House

  2. Raintree, Sankey Road

  3. Manikyavelu Mansion, now NGMA, Palace Road

  4. BeauLieu, Post Office, Palace Road

  5. Cinnamon , Gangadhar Chetty Road

  6. Fort High School

  7. SBI Guesthouse, St Marks Road

  8. Main Post Office, Museum Road

  9. Villa Potti Pati (now gone)

  10. CCIE, Cunningham Road

What should be there:

  1. Krumbiegal Hall, Lalbagh

  2. CTO, Cubbon Road

  3. SPCA, Cubbon Park

  4. Philomena House , Promenade Road

  5. Ipsahani House Ali Asker Road

  6. BRV Canteen, Cubbon Road

  7. Kempegowda Towers

  8. Tipu's Armoury

  9. Corps of Detectives, Millers Road

  10. Carlton House

  11. Ambara, Basavangudi

While we soak in the restored past now, it's also important to know and connect with its history.

At the end of her article on Samsung Opera House, Nayanika Muklerjee says :'f I had one quibble, it would be this: there wasn’t enough conspicuous representation about the building’s heritage. A triptych-style photo lineup, or even a brief video presentation drawing parallels with the glory days would have been nice. If not for my guided tour, it’s unlikely that I (or any other first-time visitor) would have fully grasped the weight of the restoration efforts by a mere glance at the architecture. Having said that, if you live in Bengaluru and are aware of the Opera House’s former disarray, the metamorphosis is worth a sentimental visit'

Share in the comments if there are any places that would benefit from adaptive reuse.


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