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Save the last Bangalore Baobab Tree, High Court!

-Update: Covered in Bangalore Mirror 20 May

-Also covered in Indian Express 23 May 2024:

Historian writes to Karnataka High Court Registrar to protect Cubbon Park baobab tree

According to the letter, the Cubbon Park baobab tree, which now falls in the Karnataka High Court premises, is probably the last such tree in Bengaluru.

In a letter to the Karnataka High Court Registrar, historian, author and member of Heritage Beku (a heritage advocacy group) Suresh Jayaram has recently pointed out that a baobab tree of the Cubbon Park has been “fenced” and a stationery shop has come up next to it, threatening the existence of the tree.

Cubbon Park currently falls in the premises of the High Court.

The letter, which was written on May 17, suggested the office of the Registrar to negotiate with authorities such as the Horticulture department to ensure the continued existence of the tree.

The letter further pointed out that after the death of the baobab tree in the Lalbagh garden, this is probably the last such tree in the city and hence steps should be taken by the government to conserve it. The letter added that it is important to showcase the rarity and cultural significance of the tree.

Speaking to, Jayaram said, “What happens is that the tree gets totally lost (from view) in this situation where there is a shop selling materials such as papers etc.”

He added, “The questions that arise are how do we make the authorities aware of it? How can the Horticulture department and the High Court come together? It is an exceptional tree and should be allowed to grow.”

Baobab trees, which are mostly native to Africa, are known for their height and width, as well as lifespan, with the oldest baobabs surviving for more than a thousand years. In Bengaluru, baobab trees are known as gorakshaks.

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17May 2024

The Registrar

The Karnataka High Court

Cubbon Park

Bangalore 560001


Dear Sir:


Subject: Saving the Baobab Tree enclosed by electric fence & construction at High Court


Cubbon Park is the axis of this city, the political, judicial, social and cultural space. I have been a city chronicler as an active Park user and Heritage Beku member. Cubbon Park is a place for people, representing a cosmopolitan diversity of people and trees.


We all know of the biodiversity of Cubbon Park; it has many special trees; it is interesting to note that on the High Court Premises, there is a sacred Baobab tree of African Origin, also locally called the Gorakshak tree. Unfortunately, this has been enclosed for security reasons with a fence and is occupied by an establishment that sells stationary for the public in the court.


Showcasing the tree's rarity and unique cultural significance will be important. This will involve your good office to intervene to make necessary negotiations with the horticulture department and other  authorities to restore its structure and continued existence.


My heart goes out when I see a baobab tree enclosed in this manner and not visible to the public. Besides a rich historical past and medicinal values, the number of baobab trees has decreased; we lost one in Lalbagh recently. This may be on the last trees left . Now the government should take some steps to conserve it.

If the government is serious about conserving them, it should bring in some special provisions to ensure that no one cuts these trees and gives them the dignity they deserve.





Suresh Jayaram

1 Shanthi Road


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