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The Mystery of the Park Engine

Sat, Feb 20 at 4:00 PM GMT+05:30 Indira Gandhi Musical Fountain Park

Unravel a fascinating has Royalty, desert travel, country of origin and some great detective work.

An antique train engine tucked away in the Musical Fountain Park, almost obscured by the copper pod tree.. How did it reach there? Where did it come from? What about that mysterious number ‘812’ that was discovered at the front of the engine?

Detective (and railway historian) TR Raghunandan thinks he solved the mystery, but a parcel from UK arrives and there is a twist in the tale.

Come walk around the beautiful park after the chat. Tune into Mr AK Verma DGM, South Western Railways, Fouzia Taranum , Director Horticulture in conversation with the amazing Raghunandan.

I can’t wait. Can you ?


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