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The New Krumbiegel Hall

Karnataka still owns the legacy of Great Grandfather. Gustav Hermann Krumbiegel who designed and landscaped his way from Baroda, Ooty,Bombay,Coochbehar, Jamshedpur ,Delhi,Hyderabad,

Trivandrum ,Bhavanagar Madras Mysore and above all Bangalore.

He found home in Bangalore.

While reading GreatGrandfather letters there is a part of me which knows he would shrug his shoulders and say “losing Krumbiegel Hall started a wonderful movement called HertiageBeku let there be no other Hertiage buildings lost to


The new Krumbiegel hall will never replace the original which held so much history

If a historic property can be restored, redeeming it is almost always preferable to demolishing it and rebuilding. Once restored, a historic property can be used in a new way that benefits and enriches the community,

So while I and many others were absolutely devastated when Krumbiegel Hall fell I am very pleased that he will be remembered, I’m very sure without the publicity that was created when Krumbiegel hall fell, the Krumbiegel name would have been assigned to dusty archives.

I hope the new Krumbiegel hall will be a testament to what we have lost and what we need to protect for our future generations.

We must care about heritage buildings and Hertiage trees like we care about own home‘s and I promise the world will be a much better place to live in and look at!

I think Great Grandfather would be happy with my words.

warmest wishes



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