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Tourism Policy 2020 & Heritage

Hon Tourism Minister


Dear Sirs:

Given the alignment of heritage into the Tourism department we have been delighted to interact and meet with our Tourism Secy NR Anil Kumar and shared our perspectives last year. We hear the Tourism Policy is being worked on - We would be  very appreciative  if you could share with us the provisions of heritage under the draft tourism policy. We hope that you have considered and prioritised  heritage as it deserves. 

As you are aware heritageBeku is the premier citizen  initiative on heritage in Bangalore and has taken great interest, as well as had some significant impact on the space in Bangalore. We would also request if we could be made a part of the heritage deliberations in other tourism initiatives for the city and state as well so as to be able to share some of our suggestions, inputs on the the platform and showcasing of heritage of our beautiful city. 

I have already had the privilege of meeting with our Chief Secretary and Tourism Secretary with our team and I look forward to also meeting  with our Hon Tourism minister at the earliest.

We look forward to your response on this and to greater involvement and inclusion of #HeritageBeku in the Tourism department and policy. We hope that we can add  at some value representing as we do Citizen initiative and public discussion. 

Your sincerely

Priya Chetty-Rajagopal 


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