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What next at Cubbon Park?

We Cubbon Park & Heritage Beku

Where are we now ?

We need to know. We need to move forward. The Covid indices long gap should not be used to progress things that citizens oppose. The different stakeholders, Smart City, Horticulture, BBMP etc and all elected representatives must update citizens.

*Smart City Project*

  • Govt Update

  • How much has already been executed

  • What is tender stage and public consultation

  • Response on our detailed feedback

  • Plans going forward


  • Related to reopening , Unlock 1.0

  • Administration & security of park during lockdown

  • Following of rules without signage n fines is tough

  • Impact on citizens

*Cubbon Park General*

  • Rejuvenation plans

  • Initiating Citizen Park Marshall’s to help CP admin

  • Signage on rules - so delayed

  • Removal of 50 toxic LED boards is a must. Letter sent

  • Developing some branding collateral (I love CP badges T-shirt’s and cupa) proceeds to charity

*Citizen Engagement*

  • Regular weekly updates collated from citizens for action

  • Monthly open door / open air meetings with park citizens, rather than daily interaction.

  • Use of We Cubbon Park FB and whatsapp as an interface to citizens - ie park updates, plans , seasonal pictures, new trees/plants planted, walking or cycling paths, signboards etc Showcase one staff member a month etc (know your Cubbon Soldiers etc)

  • Official monthly events to showcase and engage - art, landscape, heritage, botany, kids and trees etc

  • Official Walks and Tourism support

*Vision and Way Forward*

  • Best park & pride of city

  • Citizen friendly and symbiotic

  • Leveraged citizens deep love for park

  • Create sister city/ park memorandum with other countries

  • Work closely with other Govt Dept’s to leverage and create symbiotic growth . Education , Tourism, Environment, Forestry etc

  • Have the CM CS Mayor Commr give statements on this.

Anything else to be covered ?


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