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18 May 2023 - International Museum Day with #HeritageBeku

Facebook Event & Placeholder for event to celebrate International Museum Day with #HeritageBeku

Are we forgetting or ignoring these important institutions? Museums are such a critical partner for storing, preserving and showcasing our history and heritage. Let’s discover the ones we have, the ones we forget, and the ones we need.

Many museums threw open their doors to the public with free entry ...

Please do go visit!

Listen to my quick review on the eve of Museum Day ..


Walk and Event with Karnataka Government Museum and Heritage Dept

Kavyasree Asst Heritage Director . organised this at short notice. The 7.30 am Museum and Cubbon Park walk was led by #HeritageBeku member Dr Githa Badlikaya of Destination Heritage with ADGP Police Arun and the Commr Archaeology ,

Over 40 Students from Govt Arts & Science College and others attended .


Online Discussion with Ganesh Shivaswamy on Museums - Past Present and (is there a) Future..

There was a special focus on the Raja Ravi Varma Collection..

In a freewheeling conversation with Priya Chetty-Rajagopal about museums on International Museum Day, lawyer, author & historian Ganesh Shivaswamy, holds forth on democratization and digitisation of the museum experience, the iconic artist Raja Ravi Varma, the inspiration for the six volume book he authored, the Google Arts & Culture experience, the surprising impact of Ravi Varma's art on changing laws, ending with the moot issue of repatriation of art. Interesting side chats on what a lawyers like him is doing in the world of arts, a poignant vignette on how he entered this space via his neurosurgeon Dr Ravi Verma himself, the future that museums need to hold tight and connect to, how kids need to to relate to a museum.. and the tragic loss of good copperplate handwriting :-)

Listen in..


Sandesh - the Postal Museum relaunched by India Post-

led by Chief Postmaster General Shri Rajendra Kumar . And excellent initiative and wonderful to see the beautiful, functional and people friendly museum restored and open. There was a formal stamp cancellation to commemorate as well. Do tune in to the video below ..

'Department of Posts, CPMG Karnataka Circle Bengaluru is pleased to intimate that "The Sandesh Museum Of Communication" is going to be reopened on 18" May, 2023 At Museum Road, Shanthala Nagar, Ashok Nagar. Bengaluru 560025 at 10 AM. This museum has rare stamps and exhibits showcasing the history of evolution of Indian communication over the years. The Museum of Communication was opened on 15-8-2019 in a heritage building that was originally built in 1804. Sandesha means "Message". In today's world where everything is guided by very advanced technological innovations, there are multiple channels of communication.For the present generation it is very difficult to imagine communication in its primordial form. This museum showcases the evolution of communication which is an interesting journey. In Sandesh Museum there are six rooms namely - Samparka, Samputa, Samvahana, Sangathi, Sangraha and Audio Visual room. Story of the Post Office is the story of its men, machine and methods. Samparka, Samputa, Samvahana, Sangraha and Sangathi sections showcase the men, machines and methods which made postal communication possible. Philatelists and Children are invited to be witness this grand reopening.'


Reminder re the National Military Memorial Museum own Raj Bhavan Road

Considering it was Museum Day, it was especially appropriate to send this reminder. So a letter was written to CM to mindfully launch the tragically overdue National Military Museum at the NMM site. it has been over 12 years.. 10000 square feet and it lies there forgotten, incompete, even rusting .. What an insult our martyrs...


All in all, an eventful day and a promise made to keep this important edifice front and center in our desire to connect with heritage ..

What are your suggestions for next year?

What shall we do? Who shall we focus on?

How can we innovate?


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