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100 year Wing at Victoria Hospital to be razed - Deccan Herald 12 Nov 19  

One wing of the century old #VictoriaHospital to be razed. New block has no #spatialcontiguity - worries why is Govt not following heritage guidelines with our city history? Patients deserve better and our city does too. We have to stop the assumption that it’s mutually exclusive and embrace the #PoweOfTheAnd. Bengaluru citizens are far too intelligent & far too tired to believe we must keep running to the authorities AFTER a building is knocked off. 

#NoMoreKrumbiegelHalls Let’s all be sensible & mature on #heritage and respect its citizens’ insistence to preserve our collective shared history. And no, we don’t buy the either/or argument. We trust you , please do the right thing. Please do what is right 

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