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Palace Corridor Project - Swarna Maarga

Reading through this article published  exactly 4 years ago, it makes one wonder WHY this wonderful project (designed By Naresh Narasimahan and supported by Intach) has not yet taken off. It adds huge value , creates a beautiful new city concept product, greater stickiness to the city heritage, builds tourism revenue and adroitly packages a beautiful part of Bangalore into a compelling narrative. The cost seems small as compared to its impact, value and future, so we from #HeritageBeku wouid like to know the status and how soon it can be up and running. We are happy to provide any citizen support that is  needed. 


A stroll through city heritage Kushala S

An ambitious project of the city’s heritage enthusiasts called Palace Corridor is getting ready An ambitious project of the city’s heritage enthusiasts called Palace-to-Palace Corridor is getting ready to take shape with the Karnataka Tourism Vision Group (KTVG) clearing the project. The group, with private sector having its representation and headed by T V Mohandas Pai, is formed by the government to propose and work out the modalities of projects for tourism department.

In the meeting held last week with the tourism officials and minister, the corridor, also known as Swarna Maarga, was given a go-ahead in principle and in the first phase, Rs 5 crore has been allocated. The single road stretch starts from Bangalore City Institute in Chamarajpet which was originally the south gate of Bangalore Palace and traverses through Bangalore Fort on KR Road, KR Market, Avenue road, SBM Circle, Palace Road and finally ends at Bangalore Palace. The corridor has some 40 odd buildings that are identified as heritage which will be taken up in the project.

Designed by architect Naresh Narasimhan along with INTACH’s help, from City Institute, the corridor cuts through Makkala Koota, Tipu’s Palace, Victoria Hospital, Bangalore Fort, enter Avenue Road crosses Rice Memorial Church, Mysore Bank Circle, Palace road, Maharani College, SJI Polytechnic, Central College, Carlton House, KPSC building, reservoir, Raj Bhavan, Balabrooie, Manikyavelu mansion and Bangalore Palace.

One of the corridors of Bengaluru that has maximum number of heritage buildings, the proposed corridor will be refurbished under the project. Basic infrastructure like building pavements, walkways in the building premises, toilets, signages, information boards, etc will form the physical interventions.

“Overall development of the heritage corridor is a long time project, but here is a start. We need to identify the buildings that fall under the designated corridor and do some interventions. All the execution work will be carried out by the tourism department as per government’s rules. If the corridor has to be developed as a walk project, then basic infrastructure need to be provided,’’ V Ravichandar, co-chair of the KTVG told Bangalore Mirror.

For people to experience Swarna Maarga, a narrative will be put in place about the relevance of the stretch and the buildings – an audio-visual display that will make a narrative telling the story of the place through a walk.

Even the Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation authorities are seem to be excited about the project. With the Namma Metro cutting through the area underground, the BMRCL managing director Pradeep Singh Kharola is also open to the idea of using the KR Market underground station walls to narrate Swarna Maarga. PeeVee picks the card His love for camera and ancient buildings got him on his foot in the proposed Palace-to-Palace corridor. A couple of months back, documentary photographer Perumal Venkatesan aka PeeVee, who has worked on INTACH with several of its projects, has photographed around 42 heritage buildings on the corridor and has come out with black-and-white post cards. “Soon after Naresh Narasimhan spoke about this concept, I jumped in with my camera. Over 25 days, I documented the buildings on this stretch and have brought out the post cards. I plan to have an exhibition soon to display the pictures. Since nobody sends post cards these days, I thought it’s a really good idea to have the pictures of the buildings as post cards, with brief description,’’ explains PeeVee. Drop a coin, pick a card, is his idea, where people can purchase the post cards by dropping any coin and take home a slice of history. Name: Palace-to-Palace Corridor Length: 5 km Starts from:Bangalore City Institute Ends at: Bangalore Palace Costs: `5 cr (for 1st phase) No of monuments: 40 (including KR Market, Minto Hospital, Tipu Sultan Summer Palace, etc) Designed by: Architect Naresh Narasimhan with INTACH’s help 

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