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#HeritageBeku writes to DC Mysuru Reg  plans to demolish and rebuild the iconic Devaraja Market ..

Wednesday, 8 January 2020 Mr Abhiram Sankar Deputy Commissioner Mysuru City Email: Dear Mr Sankar: Sub: Concern on news of Expert Committee decision to demolish and rebuild the iconic Devaraja Market Greetings. As shared via sms with you today, Heritage Beku is a group of eminent citizens from all walks of life working towards one goal - protecting the history that makes our cities unique. We are conservation experts, policy researchers, lawyers, environment activists, corporate players, artists, journalists and architects in our day jobs. Many conservation architects in the group have extensive experience and proven track records in the restoration and conservation of heritage buildings. We are surprised and saddened to read the press reports today on the decision of an expert committee to demolish and rebuild the iconic Devaraja Market in Mysore, a heritage structure that has a deep and abiding value for not only citizens of Mysore, but for every concerned citizen of India. Demolition and rebuilding will destroy the historical character of the building for ever. Nowhere in the world is such an approach taken, particularly when restoration of a heritage building is feasible. We have written on this issue to the Chief Secretary on Jan 30 2019. (copy enclosed) The Mysore Heritage Area Development and Preservation Expert Committee constituted by the Government of Karnataka has recommended that these buildings be preserved under MUDA under Karnataka Town and Country Planning Act of 1961. Both Devaraja Market and Lansdowne Bazaar are Grade I Heritage Structures as per Master Plan 2031 of Mysuru, vide Gazette Notification of 1993 listed at numbers 18 and 27, and fall under heritage zones A and A, E respectively. Mysore is a heritage city, so preserving heritage structures must be a no.1 priority. With tourists flocking to Heritage Mysore, its credibility is diluted if heritage structures are demolished. It is a part of the Dasara route, a showcase of cultural heritage as a State festival and in the vicinity of Heritage core, the Mysore Palace. The opinion of the conservation architects on our group is that the damage to this impressive and historic building can be easily repaired. Demolition and rebuilding is a needless exercise. There is no doubt that the building is very strong. Even the portion that was brought down by the MCC after the so called collapse has been still standing, in spite of torrential rains. The teak wood rafters haven't even sagged in that exposed portion. The bricks used for the construction are very strong, probably stronger than the quality that is available now. What needs to be addressed is the damage due water seepage in some portions due to non-maintenance and negligence. This can be corrected. We request that we may be permitted to make a presentation before the Expert Committee of the manner in which the building could be restored to a safe condition. This is the only way to retain the historical character of the building, whilst rendering it safe for the use of its occupants. We hope you have a detailed condition assessment done before arriving at such a decision,. We anxiously look forward to your reply. Thanking you, Yours, Sincerely. Priya Chetty-Rajagopal Cc: Chief Secretary Mr Vijay Bhaskar CC: CT Ravi Minister of Tourism, Kannada and Culture 

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