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Protect Central College Heritage

Friday, 7 February 2020 Dr Ashwath Narayan 

Hon Deputy Chief Minister Bangalore

Dear Sir Subject: Proposed plan to raze part of Central College Campus Time after time Citizens and Bangalore are getting news and updates to their great shock and consternation about public buildings particular heritage spaces, being under threat. A month ago it was Victoria Hospital, and despite are several mails and calls on the subject the extension wing was eventually razed . The fact that there is a plan to make this into a heritage building Is excellent but needs inputs from expert , planners and special interest groups like ours. Today’s news about part of the Central College campus to be razed on basis of safety , and vertical growth and high rises planned has caused a severe anxiety. . Enough studies have been done and audits have also been undertaken which clearly establish that the buildings only need renovation and restoration and require no punitive or drastic action. The desire to build into what is what One of the most venerated and beautiful campus in the heart of our precious city strikes an icy sword into citizens heart, particularly because of the eroding heritage and historic values that are anyway disappearing. The campus history and significance is known to all. There are so many important campus buildings with architectural and environmental impact. Future vision as well as environment, flora & fauna, ongoing restoration, and Heritage Management Plan and future growth needs to be looked at comprehensively. This is a Karma Bhoomi that has raised and sustained some of the best minds in not just the state, the country, but the world. What is inherent in the Central College campus is in someway the soul of knowledge and value of education in our beloved city. This indefinable, Intangible soul is reflected in the beautifully architected red buildings, and our own version of the dreaming spires. This is a memory and a motivation. As per our information the previous audit reports did not show any major recommendations except for renovation and we earnestly request That whatever the information is available should be shared with Citizens and expert groups to see if any value can be added or the buildings saved. Any change that is required for this buildings must go through proper process and audit and at no point can this beleaguered city be under further attack. We request you to please look into this matter and share the necessary information so that we are ableTo give our feedback and help save a centralb part of our beloved city and it’s educational history and Hetitage. We look forward do your input on this at the earliest 

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