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Heritage preservation CIE

17 May 2022

The BBMP Commissioner

Bangalore 560002

Dear Sir:

Subject: Heritage Preservation at 3,Cunningham Road

We would like to express our citizen concern on a heritage building called Central Cottage Industries Exposition (CCIE) on 3 Cunningham Road, in Ward 93.

We have recently seen barricades being erected around and we fear this heritage space could be on the demolition dock for a new construction. In March 2022 itself, wehave informed and also spoken several times to our Ward 93 Revenue officer Ms Roopa and our BBMP AEE Mr Javeed but they confirm they have received no information on change of use or any application for demolition or building. I have reminded the Ward Nodal Officer and the above two several times on our Ward Committee WhatsApp group as well (copies enclosed) and I have also requested them to please refer to the Heritage experts and Town Planning Council if anything were to come up. They have confirmed they would do so.

However, as we have seen, some things happen at great speed and we wanted to ensure that we were ahead of any possible untoward or precipitous action.

Hence, I would request your update and information on this matter (including by letting us know soonest after any applications for demolition or building is received by you )so that the city can do what is necessary to preserve , restore and even repurpose this beautiful heritage building in the heart of the city in Cunningham Road.

Look forward to your response and confirmation

Thanking you,

Yours Sincerely,

Priya Chetty-Rajagopal

Heritage Beku

CC: Town & Country Planning Council

CC: Bangalore Urban Arts Commission (BUAC), BDA

CC: Joint Commissioner, South Zone

CC: Secretary - Tourism

CC: Nodal Officer, Ward 93

CC: Citizens for Citizens (C4C), Bangalore

CC: Concerned media and citizens


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