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The Water Trail - lets not dilute it folks ;-)

  • Who is C Raghav Charlu and why do we find him next to the Turf Club at BWSSB?

  • Miller Tank, or Miller's Tanks?

  • Connect Jewell Filters, Piped Water and 1896

After the success of the co-created Postal Heritage Trail launch with India Post, our attention don't do something just as charming and perhaps a little more visible - the BWSSB offices- in the Central Bangalore vicinity.It is so wonderful to see government organisations which occupy heritage buildings taking such great in their history and physical heritage of their offices. What we want to do is to not only deepen that connect but also to make it aware and a matter of pride for Bangalore citizens who may have missed out on them.

We have all seen the beautiful, well preserved BWSSB building on Millers Road which is so unique to that area. But do we know about another little tucked away gem on Racecourse Road? Or the fact that there is the museum dedicated to history of water supply in Bangalore in their old sprawling premises in Malleswaram. There are always stories and sometimes there is a mystery but always there is interest, excitement about discovering heritage an old world charm tucked away in your very own neighbourhood. And the memory and history of something we take so much for granted. Water.

So - let's get going with the water trail and walk through three charming spaces that no one really told you about. Let's also talk about the reason why water is so critical, some of the problems in its distribution right from its start in our state of Karnataka and enjoy the visualness of these beautiful buildings sitting atop millions of litres of water that allow us to quench both our water thirst but also our thirst for heritage in beauty. Lets find out just how cool the water trail is .. So are you ready? Then let's find out!

The WaterWorks Trail:

  • A water museum and heritage park to educate the citizens about the importance of water conservation. This “one-of -a-kind museum” with a renovated pump house, a storage tank, and a watchtower will be located at the old BWSSB facility on 18th Cross Road, Malleswaram. Certain parts of the facility, which were built in 1896, will be renovated to retain and preserve history.

  • Heritage Building & Reservoir, Millers Road

  • Low Level Reservoir, Race Course Road

The Water Trail

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