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Suggestions for Heritage in BBMP Budget 2022

BBMP Budget 2022 for Heritage sent to :

1. Corpus for purchase/restoration of buildings in city

2. Allocating at least 20 lacs per ward on restoration, upkeep and evangelizing ward heritage

3. Properly constituted BBMP Heritage Conservation Committee with members from Heritage Beku

4. Revamp of building byelaws and issues affecting heritage

5. Update of natural heritage especially ward level parks, lakes and cultural sites

6. Reinstate the right of first refusal for sale of heritage properties as mentioned in BBMP Heritage Act 2020

7. Incentives for heritage buildings - restoration, waiver of property tax etc

8. Awareness and training on heritage for government, schools etc

9. Revamping heritage government buildings, and creating greater ownership & showcasing

10. Inventory of heritage at ward level, all types of heritage, built, unbuilt, natural and cultural. What is heritage to be carefully thought of and then listed.

11. Training ward committee on heritage issues and preservation and adaptive reuse

12. Guidelines (Simple dos and donts) for heritage sites and guidelines for adaptive reuse

13. Training heritage site owners on simple dos and donts including adaptive reuse

14. List of incentives (tax incentives, funding, materials and construction techniques for heritage preservation. (This at ward level will be helpful and more hands on)

15. Simple Heritage preservation dos and donts for institutional and commercial buildings and adaptive reuse guidelines.

16. Just a thought; easier to preserve commercial and institutional with rearranging uses and funding may not always be an issue…usually they are on larger pieces of land and the heritage building can be preserved and other structures can be built

17. Preserving the aesthetics of heritage structures by ensuring that the height, setbacks and facades of adjacent structures are compatible. This is a little complicated and subjective but at least larger setbacks on the adjacent properties on the sides abutting the heritage sites will help immensely in preserving the aesthetics.

18. Funding for the wards for all of the above. Right of first refusal to BBMP for heritage buildins

19. The Palace Trail in Ward 93 was approved by the then Nodal Officer Manjunath Prasad, BBMP Commissioner. This needs to be restarted as a pilot project for ward heritage in Bangalore

20. Funds for better heritage precincts and highlighting - signboards, benches, lights etc

21. Tree grates to protect trees and help pavements be walkable


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